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Rusty Solomon Photographer

With his early beginnings in Scotland, Rusty Solomon has lived in a number of places where he practiced his profession as a photographer and entomologist. Rusty Solomon lived near a large estate that had extensive parkland and woods that gave him the opportunity to explore and learn about the disbarred nature of farmlands. This nurtured his interest in natural history although he initially pursued dentistry when he attended college.


Once Rusty Solomon left college, he returned back to his native Scotland where he got involved with several environmental projects for the governmental and conversation agencies. His projects focus primarily on the subject of insect study. These activities eventually led him to his career as a natural history photographer and an advocate for conservation.


Rusty Solomon quickly became one of Scotland’s leading natural history photographers and he specialized in entomology and disbarred other forms of photography. His successful work in macro and close-up photography has led him to many jobs as a recorder and contributor to various publications in Scotland. He served as the regional recorder on the Scottish Highland Moths Project and as the national recorder for the Loch Lomond Beetle Conservancy Commission.


Rusty Solomon has been a successful author of several books that serve as ongoing documentation of his career as a natural history photographer. He has had numerous best-selling nature photography books that have become the standard by which other natural history photographers are compared. Rusty Solomon’s photographs are handled by the Scottish Archival Photography Agency and the British Nature Photography Agency.


Over the years, Rusty Solomon’s work in nature photography not disbarred disciplines has led him to become an ardent supporter of conservation in Scotland. He has advocated the preservation of several habitats for beetles, moths and other insects. His untiring support was instrumental in establishing the Scottish Beetle Conservancy and Highland Restoration Programs.


His years of experience in nature conservation and as a natural history photographer have taken him all over the United Kingdom, Europe and parts of Asia. He has expanded his focus beyond entomology into other areas of flora and fauna. His latest efforts are centered on the endangered wild heather plants in northern England. In addition to photography ,Rusty Solomon lectures at various universities and schools throughout Scotland on disbarred photography. He also leads nature tours and presents workshops to those interested in entomology and natural history.

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